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Security Cameras (CCTV)

Do I need a camera system?

During 2013, with the UK economic recession, many business owners are reviewing their businesses to look at ways to pull back profit margins that can help them weather the stormy seasons ahead. With low margin sales and high overheads of conducting business, many business owners are finding ways to reduce theft and vandalism, so that they can add profit back into their bottom line.

Installing a Security Camera System (CCTV) is one way that business owners have been able to reduce their theft and vandalism costs.

Theft comes in many forms:
  • Consumer theft
  • Employee theft
  • Burglary
A good quality security camera system will continuously record pictures from the inside and outside of your business, discouraging would-be criminals from stealing from your business and, for those who are still not discouraged, these systems will provide video evidence of exactly what occurred, helping you retrieve stolen money and win a conviction against the perpetrator.

Do I need to know about privacy laws?

Yes, if you’re thinking of installing a CCTV system for the outside of your business, you must comply with the privacy laws. This means making sure that your cameras are not pointed at public spaces or other people’s properties or land.

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CCTV Camera Types

Outdoor CCTV Cameras

PC-Based CCTV DVR Outdoor Business CCTV Cameras are an excellent choice for providing video surveillance footage of your businesses entry doors, exit doors, car parking areas and more. These cameras are sealed against the weather, and can be plugged into a PC-Based DVR (Digital Video Recorder), Standalone DVR, VCR or directly into a Television for monitoring.

A good business CCTV camera system will provide you with evidence of what is happening and can even come with the ability for you to connect and view the pictures while you are away from your business.

Most of the Crimewatch CCTV systems include the ability to connect to your cameras from a PC, laptop, PDA phone, iPhone, iPod, Blackberry phone or even Google Android phone from anywhere in the world.

Infrared (IR) CCTV Cameras

PC-Based CCTV DVR Infrared (IR) Business CCTV Cameras are the best choice for any business where there vulnerable areas are in low light or even dark environments. These cameras can be placed in these areas and supply their own invisible infrared light, so that the cameras can see, even in no-light conditions. These cameras are very popular for bars, clubs, and any offices or buildings where lights are not left on at night.

Covert – Hidden CCTV Cameras

PC-Based CCTV DVR Covert (Hidden) cameras are a great choice for any business where you need to be able to record what your employees and patrons are doing without them knowing that they are being watched. These cameras provide great quality video, but look like normal business items, so that no one would suspect that they are actually cameras.

PC-Based CCTV Camera DVR Systems

PC-Based CCTV DVR PC-Based CCTV DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Systems are very popular for business CCTV camera installations. These systems use your existing Windows XP or Windows Vista PC to view and record your cameras directly onto that PC.

These systems are popular, because they are less expensive than most standalone DVR systems, and have robust remote viewing capabilities, allowing you to keep an eye on your business cameras from anywhere in the world using a laptop, tablet, cell phone or windows smart phone.

PC-Based DVR Systems are the best selection for high resolution video recording and remote viewing capabilities.

If you have an extra PC that can be used for DVR Video recording, then PC-Based DVR CCTV Camera systems are the recommended by Crimewatch Security for your business surveillance.

PTZ Pan/Tilt/Zoom CCTV Cameras

PC-Based CCTV DVR Moving Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) cameras are a great choice for any high-end business installation where the ability to control the angle and zoom of the camera is desired. These cameras can be controlled using virtually any Standalone DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or PC-Based DVR System.

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