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Home Fire Alarm Systems

On this page you will discover:-
  • How a House Fire Alarm system can help protect your home from the threat of fire.
  • How Fire Alarm systems work, from the different types to positioning heat & smoke detectors in the home.
  • Where you can go to get FREE help and advice on the very best system for your home.

Fire Alarm System Basics

Fire safety is essential for your home. Fire alarms detect smoke and heat using various types of technology. An alarm then sounds to alert your family and/or the emergency services of any potential fire.

Fire Alarm Smoke detectors are comprised of two basic components, a sensor to detect the smoke and an alarm which is set off to alert people in the home that there is a fire. Most smoke detectors run on a 9 volt battery or a current.

A fire could occur in your home by accident and at any time, day or night, so it is in your best interest, as well as your family’s, to have an early warning system in place. It will, without doubt, give you peace of mind.

It is essential that you have adequate smoke alarms, simply because a fire could occur at any time without warning.

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Some security systems perform double duty by providing both fire and burglary alarms. The alarm cover doors, windows and other large areas including entry ways and patios and balconies. They can also include a total service which includes monitoring for 24 hours.

You may not be able to afford a total service which includes 24 hour a day monitoring. However, a basic fire alarm and a small fire extinguisher will provide you with some protection and is essential to any residential property.

In your home, fires could occur for a multitude of reasons including kitchen grease fires, a cigarette that has not been completely distinguished which can cause an unfortunate and, potentially, life threatening accident so you want to be sure your family is protected.

Smoke Detector There are a variety of different detectors including the most popular 'smoke ionization detector'. They have a chamber which provides a source for ionizing radiation which detects smoke. They are relatively inexpensive and can detect even small amounts of smoke quickly.

Smoke Detector There are smoke detectors that work based on the heat and temperature of a room. These are more specialized, but are very effective.

Smoke detectors have saved millions and millions of lives. Make sure you have at least a basic model in your home or apartment so that you are warned of a fire. They provide an immediate alarm and alert you and your family of smoke so that you can escape. They may awaken you or your children that a fire is occurring.

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